by Simple Machines
from Simple Machines EP

theGlitoris introduces, Simple Machines.

Of course it takes an orchestra to create a lush electronic dream like, Simple Machines.

"Fun" is the 3rd track off of Simple Machine’s self-titled EP. The orchestra that is Simple Machines, consists of:

John Edwards - Lead Vocals

Daniel Bornhorst - Guitar + Keys

Pedro Horta - Drums + Keys

Marino Petriccione - Keys + Vocals

Mike Schaffer - Bass + Electronics

& Justin Wright - Guitar

Their sound reminds us of a hot chip/metronomy/junior boys blend, on the down tempo, of course.

The EP was recorded this past Summer, & was released September 28th, 2010.

Download the EP for free, here

Keep your ear to the ground for this band.

Listening to the EP as a whole, we fully anticipate something really solid to develop from this group. We really dig their sound.